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This site is dedicated to having easy access to guitar resources for the new comers (and maybe a bit more of an explanation to the the more experience guitar players too). I try to teach guitar through topics such as easy guitar songs and easy guitar chords!


Easy Guitar Path

The rote traditional way of learning guitar often fails to capture the enthusiasm of new comers. Detaching them from their enthusiasm often results in them losing interest for the instrument altogether. By teaching students easy songs to play on guitar, the subject is approached in a rather fun and easy way. Driving students to move forward and learn the instrument better!

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3 Simple Guitar Songs

3 Simple guitar songs

Here I’m going to throw in 3 simple guitar songs (and popular ones)! I think at this point you may be just very interested in including some more songs to your repertoire. For this song, we’re mostly going to be looking at 2 chord songs. Which should...Read More »

Easy Guitar Songs: I'm Yours (Jason Marz)

Easy Guitar Songs – I’m Yours (Jason Marz)

Next up, we’ll be looking at a more recent song that uses the chords that we’ve been talking about. This song was popularized by the very acoustic nature of it and is really nice and easy song for guitar to have under your...Read More »

Easy Guitar Songs: Knockin' On Heaven's Doors

Easy Guitar Songs – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Doors

The next song in our easy guitar songs series is Knockin’ on heaven’s doors (chords). The song was originally written by Bob Dylan and really quickly became quite a classic hit. The song has been covered by some great artists since the original...Read More »

Easy Guitar Songs: Let it be (Beatles)

Easy Guitar Songs – Let It Be (Beatles)

First in our series is a very easy guitar song for beginners, Let it be. Let it be by the Beatles is an amazing piece for any beginner to learn. It gives you many of the tools to learn a vast majority of...Read More »