Why easy guitar songs?

Easy guitar songs can be a fun, easy and quick to learn guitar!
Easy guitar songs

The best way to learn guitar is through some good and easy guitar songs. I believe this is a very fun way to learn the basics for guitar and beginning to build a great repertoire (songs collection) that you can build on later with more advanced chords etc. Learning to play easy songs on guitar also teaches guitar in a very practical and engaging manner. Letting you get to the fun bits, or your goals much faster. Learning guitar the  traditional was way through random ideas (boring notes and simplified chords) loosely linked together. This can result in you losing interest in the instrument rather quickly.

Each song on this page is a little lesson in itself, so you learn a bit more than just the song. A little bit of history and a little on the theory. This way not only do you learn a new song, you learn more tools to learn more songs more easily. Resources like Ultimate Guitar (which I do highly recommend) does a great job of providing chords. However, they lack explanation and can make students reliant rather easily.


Where to start?

Firstly, we’ll be starting with a bunch of chords and then tackling some of the first songs here. Click here for some easy guitar chord charts to get started today! I shall add more lessons and resources to help master these songs on guitar in the easiest way possible.

If this is your first time learning some songs I would suggest having a look at this post I have written of 3 simple songs to play on guitar. All of the songs in this post are to get you introduce you to playing a few basic chords! The songs will only use 2 chords. This will get you used to changing chords and give you a bit of time to learn how to strum (just getting the basics down). It is very important that you practice transitioning between chords smoothly. Here is a brilliant article that shows how to get change chords really well (changing guitar chords).

After that, I would recommend moving onto songs with 4 chords (remembering again to transition smoothly between these chords). Have a look at either Let it be or Knockin on heaven’s doors to begin with. And then have a look at an example of a more modern song I’m yours. These songs will introduce you to the 4 chords. Having a look at these examples you’ll be able to see how even years apart, music still remains the same through the generations! All of these songs use the 4 chords (which I’ll describe a little below). After that, you can move onto some that are a little more challenging.

A little theory (IMPORTANT!!)

I should make it clear for some of the songs I have referenced how I came up with the chord analysis for them. I have used a numbering system based on scales degrees to reference chords. What the hell does that mean? Well, let’s use an example and break it down! In the song Let it be we have the chords to the first verse as being C, G, Am (A minor) and F. In the scale of C major there are 7 notes.

Notes in major scales
Notes in Major scales

C, D, E, F, G, A, B. The notes are numbered as such: C being “one’, D being “two”, E being “3” etc. Now the chords build off every note on this scale is what the numbering is based on. That’s why the chords in “Let it be” are numbered as followed: C is the “one” chord, G is the “five” chord, Am is the “six” minor chord and F is the “4” chord.

Why do we do this?

We do this so that we can see the relationships between the chords more generally (different scales have different notes). And therefore we can’t make a statement like “C  is always the one chord”. We need to specify the note and degree both the chord and the key to be able to number it (G is the “five” chord in the key of G). Hence “easy guitar songs”. When you can see the relationship between chords like this, you can really know the why. Here is a brilliant site if you want to learn more general theory.

Easy guitar songs to learn

3 Simple Guitar Songs

3 Simple guitar songs

Here I’m going to throw in 3 simple guitar songs (and popular ones)! I think at this point you may be just very interested in including some more songs to your repertoire. For this song, we’re mostly going to be looking at 2 chord songs. Which should...Read More »

Easy Guitar Songs: I'm Yours (Jason Marz)

Easy Guitar Songs – I’m Yours (Jason Marz)

Next up, we’ll be looking at a more recent song that uses the chords that we’ve been talking about. This song was popularized by the very acoustic nature of it and is really nice and easy song for guitar to have under your...Read More »

Easy Guitar Songs: Knockin' On Heaven's Doors

Easy Guitar Songs – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Doors

The next song in our easy guitar songs series is Knockin’ on heaven’s doors (chords). The song was originally written by Bob Dylan and really quickly became quite a classic hit. The song has been covered by some great artists since the original...Read More »

Easy Guitar Songs: Let it be (Beatles)

Easy Guitar Songs – Let It Be (Beatles)

First in our series is a very easy guitar song for beginners, Let it be. Let it be by the Beatles is an amazing piece for any beginner to learn. It gives you many of the tools to learn a vast majority of...Read More »


Have fun!

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