Easy Guitar Songs – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Doors

The next song in our easy guitar songs series is Knockin’ on heaven’s doors (chords). The song was originally written by Bob Dylan and really quickly became quite a classic hit. The song has been covered by some great artists since the original such as Eric Clapton and Gun’s n Roses.

The song features very easy guitar chords once again and is really useful to reinforce those ideas learnt in previous songs. First I’d highly recommend listening to the song a few times. Here I have provided a YouTube link for an acoustic version of this song. From listening to this song a few times, you should get a feel for the rhythm and for the structure of the song. This will help you learn the song faster, without having to check back at the chords a few times throughout it.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gazW7MOqHzQ]

About the chords:

If you require the chord charts, head on over to easy guitar chords (click here).

The chords used in this song are G, D, C and A minor. The song is in the Key of G major. As such, you can see that that the song actually starts on the I chord. Which is the G major in the key of G. Other than that we can see that the song uses the 2 (Am), 4 (C) and 5(D) chords in the key of G major. This is another quite common chord progression to know. As you can see by now, most of these pop songs tend to use the 1 chord and the 5 chord a lot. If you do recall these are the exact same chords Let it be (Beatles)

Here is a link to the Ultimate guitar page with the chords contained: Knockin on heaven’s doors chords

If you would like to use a capo with this song please feel free to do so, here is a version which uses a capo on the 5th fret: Knockin on heaven’s doors chords (capo)


Have fun this classic song!

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