Easy Guitar Songs – Let It Be (Beatles)

First in our series is a very easy guitar song for beginners, Let it be. Let it be by the Beatles is an amazing piece for any beginner to learn. It gives you many of the tools to learn a vast majority of other pop songs. The chords to the original version mostly revolve around C, G, Am and F chords. If you’re not sure of these chords, head on over to easy guitar chords (click here).

Have a listen to the song carefully a few times before going at it! I’ve linked the original version here, but try to find some cover songs and some guitar version of it.

This is a basis for a vast majority of pop songs out there (you may be interested in the “four chords”). It is fun and easy song to learn on guitar (and absolutely an all time classic). You may want to transpose the song if some of the notes are a bit too high for you to sing.

About the chords:

Here are some links to the chords of this song: Let it be chords (on UG)  

The best thing about UG (Ultimate guitar) is that you’ll be able to freely transpose key of the song as needed. What this means is that you can make you song go either higher or lower in pitch, letting you voice reach those notes more easily!

You may choose to ignore some chords such as Am7 if it is still too difficult for you to play. As we mentioned above this song introduces you to the essential 4 chords used in a lot of pop songs. The chords C,G, Am and F. Are the I, V, iv, and IV chords (respectively) in the key of C Major. Chords tend to use Roman numerals classically, so that means that C is the “One chord”, G is the five, Am is the six and F is the four chord. I will probably cover this in a later post somewhere along the way.

Have fun with this one! And see you guys on the next Easy Guitar Songs series.

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